How does corona affect the well-being of our companion animals?

(07-04-2020) Because of coronavirus pandemia, governments are taking measures to limit the spreading of the virus. These measures can have a number of consequences that affect our wellbeing and the welfare of the animals that live with us.

Ghent University researchers launch questionnaire

The Ethology and Animal Welfare Research Group from Ghent University has developed a one-time questionnaire. The researchers want to find out several things:
  • Does the presence of companion animals have an effect on how we feel during the period of corona measures?
  • What will change for our companion animals during the period with corona measures?
  • How will the virus affect our relationship with our companion animals?

Participants wanted

We are looking for adults with or without pets. Completing the survey will take between 5 and 20 minutes and will help us to understand more about the human-pet relationship in this unprecedented situation. The questionnaire is currently available in 6 different languages (Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian).

Fill in the questionnaire 


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