Student Restaurants Reopen as Take-Away Restaurants

(01-09-2020) Select restaurants are reopening on 7/9, offering a smaller version of our regular menu as take-away.

The canteens will not be accessible to customers as they will be used for classroom and study purposes. The reopening will sound off the start of our smaller take-away menu. We will open with a smaller version of our regular menu as take-away and will possibly add on items in the future, depending on success and practical possibilities.

We only accept cashless payment. The preferable payment method is your UGent card. Epurse allows you to safely and quickly top up your account. The UGent card can be used both for IDing yourself and payment, all without requiring physical contact. Fast, efficient and safe. Besides this, it will also be possible to use debit or credit cards for payment (Bancontact, Maestro, Visa or Mastercard). But an UGent card will also be needed to ID yourself at the cash register.


We will keep things safe with the following measures:

  • Everyone must wear a facemask and use hand sanitizer when entering a restaurant or cafeteria.
  • Arrows and dots will mark the customer flow that all customers must follow. In doing so, they must also observe the 1,5 m social distancing rule.
  • All packaged items may be picked up by the customer themselves, but please only touch those items you intend to purchase.
  • Pastry, fruit, hot soup and warm meals will be handed to you by an employee.

Ordering online

From now on you will also be able to order your food online with same-day pick-up at a time and location of your choosing. Please place your orders before:

  • 10AM for the noon service
  • 5PM for the evening service

Take your order number to the restaurant and the customer flow will guide you to the pick-up point where an employee will give you your order.

Important: there will be no separate pick-up points for online orders because we do not have the space to organize this extra customer flow in a safe manner.

To limit the queue-size we will no longer cap the amount of items one UGent card can buy. Contrary to before, we now wish encourage you to pick up both yours and your colleague’s breakfast or lunch. Either by ordering online and having one colleague pick up all your items, or by passing on your order to your colleague who can then bring it to you.

The online order form will be available on our website from 9 September onwards.


The following restaurants will reopen on 7 September:

  • Resto Campus Dunant (8:30)
  • Resto Campus Coupure (8:30)
  • Resto Campus Sterre (8:30)
  • Cafetaria Campus UZ Gent (9:00)

Followed by these restaurants on 14 september:

  • Resto Campus Merelbeke (8:30)
  • Cafetaria Campus Boekentoren (8:00)
Our other locations will reopen at the start of the new academic year.

We hope to see you again soon and will be closely observing all measures. Keep in mind that this situation is new for us too. The first two weeks will give us the chance to learn and get used to this new way of working, which will make it possible for us to reopen our other locations as safely and smoothly as possible at the start of the new academic year.

Keep an eye on our website for all the latest updates.