New performance cycle for administrative and technical staff replaces system of evaluation and performance interviews

(08-01-2021) After the new career policy for the professorial and scientific staff, Ghent University is introducing a new performance cycle for administrative and technical staff. A brief introduction.

Basic principles

  • A permanent and development-oriented feedback culture, based on trust.
  • Focus on more talk time between the staff member and supervisor with minimal administrative follow-up and low planning burden.
  • Central: the feedback meeting
    • At the initiative of the staff member or the supervisor
    • Regularly, but without fixed periodicity and with minimal administration
    • Discuss what is going well, where people are stuck and how things can run more smoothly
    • Make agreements in mutual consultation about future expectations and development opportunities
  • Evaluation only at a number of fixed moments in the career
    • In the context of an internship / evaluation period
    • 3 years after the first appointment
      • Then every 5 years
    • In the context of a remediation process


Based on these guidelines, the chapter "Feedback and evaluation" of the ATP regulations was amended and approved by the Board of Directors on 8 January 2021. The amended regulations can be read via

Immediately effective

  • Feedback conversations can now be organized.
  • The biennial evaluation interview will no longer take place in 2021, with the exception of a number of situations described in the transitional provisions of the regulations.
  • Administrative and technical staff members who achieved a global final evaluation “sufficient”, “good” or “very good” in their last evaluation in 2019 or 2020, will be re-evaluated 5 years after this last evaluation date, i.e. in 2024 and 2025 respectively.
  • The limited administrative follow-up of the renewed performance cycle will take place from September 2021 via a new module in the e-HR application SuccessFactors.
  • The articles on remediation will enter into force as from 1/9/2021

Information and training

In the course of 2021, the Department of Personnel and Organization will provide information and training on the new performance cycle and the new SuccessFactors module, so that staff members and their managers become familiar with the new way of working.

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