Baillet Latour grant for research by Julie De Backer into hereditary disorders of the aorta

(03-05-2019) Cardiologist Julie De Backer has received a research grant worth 450.000 euros for research into hereditary aortic disorders. She received the Baillet Latour grant from the hands of Queen Mathilde.

Professor Julie De Backer is a cardiologist and clinical geneticist at UZ Gent. Her research focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary disorders of the thoracic aorta, the part of the aorta that runs through the chest. In those conditions, the aortic wall weakens, which can lead to dilation (aneurysm) or rupture (dissection). Hereditary disorders of the aorta often affect young people and often have a fatal outcome.

Funding for scientific research

To continue her research into these hereditary disorders, Julie De Backer can now count on the support of the Baillet Latour Fund for medical research. This reputable fund with a very qualitative evaluation process provides a substantial amount of 450.000 euros for scientific research at Ghent University. After a positive interim evaluation, the fund can further expand the support.

Unraveling genetic defects

Professor De Backer will use the funding to further unravel the mechanisms behind the genetic defects of the aorta. With this new knowledge, she and her team want to develop better methods for personalized treatment of the disorders.