Blood Drive iGent Campus Ardoyen

(11-09-2020) The department ELIS is organizing a blood drive in iGent at Campus Ardoyen in cooperation with the Red Cross.

Save someone's life today! All you need to do is give blood, plasma or platelets. All it takes is an hour of your time. Sign up now!

Sign up

How donating works

  • Step 0 - sign up through the link above
  • Step 1 - register
    Come to the blood drive location at iGent with your ID card.
  • Step 2 - medical checklist
    Fill in a medical checklist to ascertain your state of health, possible medical treatments and risk situations.
  • Step 3 - medical check-up
    Take the filled-in checklist to the doctor. They will check your blood pressure, pulse and weight. Based on this check-up and the answers on your checklist, they will decide whether you are fit enough to donate.
  • Step 4 - donation
    Well done, it's finally time to donate blood, plasma or platelets!
  • Step 5 - have a drink
    After donation you will be given a drink to restore your hydration levels. It's best that you take it easy and rest for 15 minutes before going home.