Boekentoren in Ghent turns the lights back on!

(27-10-2021) Ghent's nighttime skyline will have a new addition from now on: a beautifully lit Boekentoren will light up the city from evening till midnight.

Due to the renovation works of the Boekentoren in Ghent advancing into a new phase, the monument will now be equipped with outside lighting in conformity with the City of Ghent's Lighting Plan. In this way our Boekentoren will be able to take up its important place in the Ghent skyline at night as well.

The official inauguration of the monument lighting will take place on 28 October, with alderman Filip Watteeuw and rector Rik Van de Walle in attendance. It will be turned on every evening from sundown till midnight, after which it will automatically switch off just like all the other monument lighting in Ghent.