Clarification by rector Rik Van de Walle with regard to the communication on how teaching activities will be organised

(22-03-2020) On Friday March 20, 2020, Ghent University made the decision to switch to education at a distance/digital learning until the end of the semester.

This was a mutual decision, a decision five Flemisch rectors took together. However, the decision reached the media outlets before Ghent University staff and students were informed. Ghent University regrets this.

“Ghent University always communicates the message first through a communication channel of its own, more specifically the message is posted first on the official Ghent University website. The message will then be published on Ufora and emailed to the students and staff. Last Friday, we did exactly this, but our decision was communicated to the media before we had the opportunity to communicate it to our students and staff. Our students in particular were disappointed and we understand this: they are right and I am equally disillusioned with it. However, the way this message was communicated happened beyond our control and happened the way I just described ".
"Having said that, I want to focus on the future. On Friday March 20 we communicated what could be communicated at that time: the general framework we will use to further organize our teaching activities this semester. With regard to the concrete implementation of this framework, more information will be available in the near future. Students and staff will be informed of this as soon as possible and I would also like to say that we are doing everything possible to provide more clarity about the evaluation and examination regulations  by the end of this week. Our educational managers, both at the university level and within the faculties, will make this a priority. " Rector Rik Van de Walle.

Ghent University continues to monitor the situation closely. You can find updated information about the policy and the Ghent University guidelines in the context of current corona issues at