Let's build the action plans on internationalisation together

(15-09-2019) This academic year Ghent University wants to create action plans for the 12 policy priorities on internationalisation. You can join the brainstorms.

The Integrated Internationalization Policy Plan 2019-2023, approved by the Governing Council in June, includes 12 policy priorities. The next step is to develop an action plan that sets objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs), activities, budget, responsibilities and a timeline for each site. All this must be prepared by May 2020.

Community afternoons with active input from Ghent University members

A "community afternoon" is organized for each policy priority, in which participants are invited to identify the main obstacles and levers within two hours and to formulate possible action points that are prioritized by a working group and converted into an action plan. Every session will be introduced by a substantive expert and facilitated by a process supervisor. The sessions will always take place in the Academieraadzaal (campus Aula, Voldersstraat 9) from midday to 14:00. To maximize international participation, the discussions will be held in English.

Ghent University is pleased to invite its community to actively participate during these brainstorming sessions, in order to work out the best possible action plans together.

Save the date: 8 sessions in the upcoming period

  • Thursday 16 January: active recruitment of talented students (Thomas Buerman)
  • Monday 27 January: strengthening the international and intercultural competencies of Ghent University staff
  • Wednesday 12 February: international alumni policy (Kristiaan Versluys)
  • Friday 21 February: Community afternoon internationalisation: strengthening the monitoring and reporting role of internationalisation within Ghent University (Marc De Vos)
  • Wednesday 18 March: Community afternoon internationalisation: improving the welcoming and guidance of international staff and researchers
  • Tuesday 31 March: Strengthening the international competences of Ghent University students (Frederik De Decker)
  • Tuesday 21 April: Discussion on the draft version of the action plans
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