New agreement with Chinese Scholarship Council conforms with increasing amount of Chinese PhD students at Ghent University

(04-07-2018) On Friday 1 June, a new agreement for co-funding between Ghent University and the Chinese Scholarship Council was signed. Next academic year 85 Chinese PhD students will stay at Ghent University with a CSC-funding. That's a new record.

The importance of the agreement with CSC

CSC is the biggest funding channel of the Ministry of Education in Mainland China for the financing of Chinese doctoral students abroad.

During the official signing ceremony, Mrs. Li Qing, Deputy Secretary-General of CSC stressed that Ghent University is the most important partner of CSC in Belgium and one of the most important in Europe.

Since 2006 (year of the establishment of the China Platform) more than 2692 students and researchers found their way to Ghent University. So far, this resulted into 2497 co-publications between Ghent University and China.

Last year, the number of Chinese students and researchers amounted to 414 and this year we already counted 461 students and researchers from China, of which more than 70% are doctoral students. This increasing number is a result of all the efforts of the China Platform that encourages and supports professors and students in their exchanges and cooperation with more than 50 partner institutions in China. In general, the China Platform focusses on qualitative partnerships with the best institutions in China, that excel in a certain discipline. The fact that UGent already has 5 Joint Labs with Chinese partner institutions in China helps highlight this strategy.

This year, CSC selected 85 PhD candidates for Ghent University (academic year 2018-2019), compared with 74 candidates for academic year 2015-2016, 75 for academic year 2016-2017 and 80 candidates for academic year 2017-2018. The number therefore continues to increase.