DICT extends service with ServiceDesk

(28-11-2019) DICT establishes a physical reception point, in addition to the DICT Helpdesk that can be reached by telephone and e-mail. Moreover, reception and borrowing is also guaranteed via a parcel machine after opening hours.

You or your colleagues can go to the ServiceDesk for:

  • the collection of new devices, multimedia material, SIM cards or multiple choice forms
  • bringing in defective devices, borrowed multimedia material or completed multiple choice exams
  • advice by appointment about the purchase of IT material or installation of specific software
  • by appointment after referral by the DICT Helpdesk


The ServiceDesk is located on the ground floor in building S9 of Campus Sterre and is open every working day from 9:00 to 12:00. Outside these opening hours you can use the secure parcel machine to pick up or bring in material or forms. Keep in mind the opening hours of the S9 building (on working days from 7.30 to 18.15).

You can make an appointment at the ServiceDesk via the online booking system.

And further... feel free to publicize this new service. In this way we help our colleagues and (fellow) students on the right track.