Magazine 'Durf Denken': talks about new year’s resolutions, dead languages, and the Light Festival

(10-01-2018) The new edition of Tournée Minérale starts in February. It’s a good initiative, but does it achieve anything? Surprisingly enough, yes, says the Ghent University’s Department of Public Health.

In this new issue of the community magazine 'Durf Denken', Jelle Van Cauwenberg and Annelies Thienpondt explain in-depth why Tournée Minérale works and what other health campaigns can learn from it.

Furthermore, Professor Ann Buysse’s (Department of Department of Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology) article in Durf Denken is all about University for You, the largest citizen science study, which she helped launch in 2017: for ten months long, several Ghent University psychologists travelled around in a caravan which had been converted into a ‘chatbox’. The researchers invited passers-by to share their concerns about societal themes and to brainstorm on what the university can do in this regard.

Also in Durf Denken, Professor Mark Janse (Department of Linguistics) talks about dying languages. Why do languages disappear and why is this bad? And are any languages actually being added? What about Dutch? Is our language doomed to disappear or is it ‘strong’ enough to survive? Read the answers to these and other questions in the new issue of Durf Denken, the Ghent University community magazine.