Ghent University Association launches its Internationalisation Award

(08-07-2019) Have an idea about world citizenship? The Internationalisation Award can help you turn your idea into an actual project.

The brand-new Ghent University Association Internationalisation Award is aimed at supporting valuable international activities or projects of students of the association, and enhancing cooperation between students of different partner institutions of Ghent University Association (AUGent).

The award in short

Are eligible to the grant of € 2500

  • projects involving students of at least two partner institutions or projects of students of one partner institution that have a link with at least two partner institutions (e.g. via the project promoters).
  • Projects are expected to include activities within the scope of internships, bachelor or master thesis, or other study activities that aim at an international commitment of students, promotion of the global citizenship of students or application of acquired competencies in an international context.
  • Every student or group of students of the institutions of AUGent can enter the competition with an international student project in preparation and/or expected to start up or be executed during the current or next year (2019 and 2020).



Read the regulations and registration form.
Closing date for 2019: 30th of September.



Rudy Van Renterghem, director Ghent University Association
T: +32 9 264 82 30