Ghent University Partner in Exhibition on Bruges Scientist Simon Stevin

(26-08-2020) The exhibition Simon Stevin From Bruges, 1620 – 2020 will start at the end of this month in Bruges. Ghent University is an important partner.

Nederlandse versie

Simon Stevin Van Brugghe changed the world in the City Archive of Bruges. You’ll find out how the Bruges-native’s insights and discoveries shaped the world as we know it today … exactly 400 years after his passing.

Professor emeritus (and chair of the Bruggelingen Buiten Brugge Society) Guido Vanden Berghe of Ghent University, who has been researching the work of Stevin his entire career and co-authored the 2003 reference work ‘Wonder en is gheen wonder’, De geniale wereld van Simon Stevin, 1548-1620, will be the guest curator.

Who was Simon Stevin

Bruges-born scientist Simon Stevin (1548-1620) moved to the present-day Netherlands around 1577 and eventually became counsellor to Prince Maurits. By looking at things from a fresh perspective, Stevin constantly enriched new fields of study, such as hydraulic engineering, navigation, accountancy, physics, military science, architecture, urban development, political sciences and mathematics. He always formulated his ideas in Dutch, in response to concrete questions from the army commanders, engineers and political leaders of his day. For the first time, an exhibition in the City Archive will bring together all his works and manuscripts.  Among them ten works from the heritage collection of the Bruges Public Library. On the basis of two films you will learn more about his life and about how his insights and discoveries still affect our lives today. The exhibition also explains the realization of his statue on the Simon Stevinplein, the square in Bruges named after him. During the duration of the exhibition, literature about Stevin will be put in the spotlight in the main library.

Visiting the exhibition is free. In order to comply with the COVID guidelines, the number of visitors who can visit the exhibition simultaneously is limited. Your visit is only guaranteed if you book in advance.