Michel Vandenbroeck and Petra Broomans appointed as honorary doctors at Uppsala University

(31-01-2020) Two faculties at Uppsala University appointed Ghent University professors as honorary doctors. The conferment ceremony was held on 31 January 2020.

Honorary doctor, or doctor honoris causa, is a title awarded to those who have made an outstanding scientific contribution or otherwise promoted research at the university. It is always the faculties themselves who appoint honorary doctors, rather than the vice-chancellor or university management in general.

Faculty of Educational Sciences: Michel Vandenbroeck

Michel Vandenbroeck is associate professor in family pedagogy at Ghent University in Belgium, where he teaches and conducts research on policy and practice in early childhood care and education and its relationship to family policy. He specifically studies processes of inclusion and exclusion and parental support in contexts of increasing diversity between groups. Vandenbroeck’s research has attracted enormous international interest and recognition within the fields of pedagogy and social work, particularly in relation to preschool research. His prodigious scientific production includes articles, books and conference appearances and he is a much sought-after plenary lecturer at international conferences. As someone strongly committed to issues of social justice and diversity, Vandenbroeck is a regular contributor to public discourse and a champion of the role of research in promoting the development of qualitative and inclusive preschools for children and families from diverse backgrounds.

Faculty of Arts: Pieternella (Petra) Broomans

Petra Broomans, associate professor with ius promovendi at the University of Groningen and visiting professor at Ghent University, is a prominent researcher in the field of Swedish literature, women’s writing and cultural transfer and transmission. Dr Broomans has been particularly active in highlighting female writers and has initiated several collaborative projects with literature and gender researchers, not least through the U4Society Network of universities. Petra Broomans has also been responsible for educational cooperation between departments in Groningen, Uppsala and Sichuan. Her many successful years at the University of Groningen have been crucial to the promotion of Swedish and Scandinavian literature in the Netherlands.

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