Honorary doctorates share their insights

(23-02-2023) On the occasion of Dies Natalis 2023, Ghent University is awarding honorary doctorates. Some honorary doctors will give a lecture in the run-up to Dies Natalis, in which they will be happy to share their expertise and insights.

Professor Bernd Nidetzky: Symposium on Biotechnology

Professor Bernd Nidetzky is scientific director of the Austrian Centre for Industrial Biotechnology and head of the Institute for Biotechnology and Biochemical Technology at the Technical University of Graz.
Professor Nidetzky conducts fundamental and applied research on enzymes related to biocatalytic synthesis, synthetic biology and reaction engineering. His focus is on carbohydrate-active enzymes and enzymes operating at solid interfaces.
During the symposium at Campus Coupure, professor Nidetzky will talk briefly about ‘Frontiers in Biotechnology’.

  • Wednesday 22 March, 15:00
  • Campus Coupure, auditorium E2
  • Prof Nidetzky is nominated by the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Professor P. Jeffrey Brantingham: seminarie on The future of big data policing for law enforcement agencies

Professor Brantingham's research focuses on understanding human behaviour in complex environments using material and digital traces left by behaviour. The common thread in his research is the search for fundamental models of patterns of crime and criminal behaviour, and the use of simulation and mathematical methods to create counterfactuals against which observed crime and behaviour patterns can be evaluated.

In the lead-up to the conferral of the honorary doctorate, Ghent University Faculty of Law and Criminology is organizing a study seminar on the future of big data policing in the Belgian police. During this study seminar, Professor P. Jeffrey Brantingham will share his expertise and insights regarding predictive policing.

Professor Jaap Wagenaar: Lecture on One Health

As a researcher, professor Wagenaar is a pioneer within the field of antibiotic resistance and campylobacter research where he has had a very significant impact on reducing antibiotic use. He is considered a key researcher in the One Health story.
Professor Wagenaar will give a class on One Health to the students of the first bachelor Veterinary Medicine, in the subject Epidemiology.

  • Thursday 23 March, 14:30
  • Campus Coupure, auditorium Oehoe (block E)
  • Prof Wagenaar is nominated by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Professor Pieter Cullis: Lecture on Lipid nanoparticle delivery systems: from concept to clinical applications

Professor Cullis is a physicist and biochemist known for his contributions in the field of lipid nanoparticles (LNP). Lipid nanoparticles have proved essential as delivery systems for current mRNA vaccines, which saw a major breakthrough worldwide in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Professor Cullis is best known for developing ionisable cationic lipids, which provide binding of the anionic mRNA.

  • Thursday 23 March, 16:30
  • Campus Heymans, auditorium A
  • Prof Cullis is nominated by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences