New edition of the popular cultural programme Low Countries Studies starts on 11 February 2020

(04-02-2020) A course about Flanders, Belgium and the Netherlands for international students and researchers.

That is in a nutshell the subject of the English course Low Countries Studies, which is organized for the 25th time as from 11 February 2020.

The students are given a broad overview of various aspects of Flemish society, language, culture, history, art, media, economy, landscape, town and country planning, etc ... All aspects are dealt with within the broader perspective of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Last year no less than 200 students from over 50 different countries all over the world attended the course, proof of the fact that the programme meets an existing need among international students and researchers.

Low Countries Studies is organized by the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy. The course comprises twelve lectures and about four events, such as a guided city walk with reception at the Ghent town hall (19 February), a guided visit to the Ghent City Museum (STAM – 19 March), a demonstration of Belgian gastronomy (in cooperation with the Hotelschool Gent, 22 April), and a one-day excursion throughout Flanders and the Netherlands (9 May). The series is concluded with a Certificate Awarding Ceremony (26 May).

Full programme: Low Countries Studies