New sharing platform launches at Ghent University

(16-06-2021) Want to share study books, study materials or second-hand items with other people at Ghent University? That's possible via the new sharing platform.

At Ghent University, both staff and students have many needs and opportunities to share. Think of our physical thrift store or the exchange of study books and/or study materials.

By developing a sharing platform, Ghent University ensures that the available potential is fully exploited. After all, as a Ghent University student or staff member you can now go to one location for almost all sharing needs. Here you can easily give away, sell, buy and, in a later phase, lend items yourself.

Phased implementation

The Gent University sharing platform will start in June 2021 with two sub-modules for students, 'study books' and 'study materials', in addition to the sub-module 'recycled goods shop' that is of interest for everyone at Ghent University. In the course of the academic year 2021-2022, this sub-module will also be expanded further, with an additional integration of the physical Ghent University thrift store.