News bulletin

23-02-2018 Scientists discover how to increase both sugar yield and biomass production in the model plant Arabidopsis
18-02-2018 VANDENHOVE Center for Architecture and Arts opens its doors
13-02-2018 First scientific expedition to newly exposed Antarctic ecosystem
08-02-2018 Visit the exhibitions on 200 years Ghent University until about the end of March
06-02-2018 Amnesty International Chair for Dr. Shirin Ebadi
06-02-2018 Giant earthquakes: not as random as thought
05-02-2018 Call on the EU: strengthen research social sciences & humanities
04-02-2018 Community magazine 'Dare to Think': on the biology of love
27-01-2018 Human Rights' Policy at Ghent University
22-01-2018 Scientists discover how treating eczema could also alleviate asthma
19-01-2018 Visit Ghent University at the Light Festival
15-01-2018 $4.9 million for global Buddhist academic network
15-01-2018 To a new Learning Management System for Ghent University (replacement of Minerva)
15-01-2018 New research projects on carbon capture and utilization
10-01-2018 Address Campus UZ Gent changes into Corneel Heymanslaan 10
10-01-2018 Meet the colleagues of our Global Campus on 17 January
10-01-2018 New: toolbox for supervisors at Ghent University
10-01-2018 Magazine 'Durf Denken': talks about new year’s resolutions, dead languages, and the Light Festival
05-01-2018 Lighting the way to switch chemical reaction pathways
20-12-2017 Are you looking for accommodation for an international PhD-student, guest or staff member?
14-12-2017 Service exemption on 2 January 2018 (afternoon) - holiday calendar 2018 is available
14-12-2017 Tips for under the Christmas tree
14-12-2017 Take part in the World Company Sport Games 2018 in La Baule: subscribe now!
04-12-2017 Thomas Van Leeuwen and Frederick Verbruggen receive ERC Consolidator Grant
29-11-2017 The grand rector duo interview (and much more besides) in the new Dare to Think