200 years Ghent University: spelling bee, Dies Natalis, university hymn, photo book, tear-off calendar and so much more ...

(21-03-2017) There are exactly 200 days between Dies Natalis (24 March) and the anniversary of the foundation of Ghent University (9 October 2017, coincidentally also the date of the opening of the 2017-2018 academic year).

This inspired us to create a unique tear-off calendar featuring 200 objects with a story.

Universities are just like people. If they become old enough, you can reconstruct their life and history with the objects they once used, devised and left us. This inspired the tear-off calendar we created, based on the photo book “200 years UGent in 200 objects”.

All Ghent University employees will receive this calendar! Our colleagues in the Department of Infrastructure and Facility Management are working hard to distribute all these calendars to the various sites of Ghent University.

200 years Ghent University

This week, it’s simply impossible to ignore the festivities of “200 years Ghent University”. On 23 March, the university will host a spelling bee and on Dies Natalis the university will confer honorary degrees onto various laureates. After this ceremony, the university hymn that Dirk Brossé composed especially for the bicentenary of Ghent University will be performed for the first time in Ghent’s Opera.

The rector’s conference to be held on 23 and 24 March in Het Pand is also quite unique. A whopping 64 partner institutions in 29 countries will be represented for the occasion by their rector and/or vice-rector. Many of them will attend the Dies Natalis ceremony of Ghent University in the Aula on 24 March.

The bicentenary of Ghent University in the city and in the press

“200 years Ghent University” will become increasingly visible in the city, on trams and buses and in Ghent-Sint-Pieters station.

The press is also focussing on our Alma Mater. This week, the newspaper De Gentenaar is featuring a series about Ghent University, with wonderful and exceptional stories with and about our students and employees. These newspaper editions will be distributed for free in the Ufo, the Brug and the Plateau today and tomorrow.

The newspapers De Standaard and De Gentenaar, meanwhile, will include a supplement about the bicentenary of Ghent University on 23 March. Radio 2 will also focus on the Bicentenary of Ghent University this week, with a series of special reports about the bicentenary in Middagpost (Wednesday) and Spits (Thursday).