Action and reflection 1 year after the climate conference in Paris

(06-02-2017) It’s a year after the climate conference in Paris; now what? Time for reflection and for action at Ghent University. We’ll do that with a debate and the planting of a forest for the climate.

In 2015, 195 countries signed a climate agreement in Paris to tackle global warning. As a result of the climate conference, Ghent University organised the controversial response ‘Tipping Point’, asked to sign an ambitious climate agreement, and committed to making its contribution as an institution of knowledge. A year has passed now. Time for reflection. Time for action!

Looking back and forward on 15 February

On 15 February, we will be looking back at the previous year as well as looking forward. What commitments have been made on a global level, in Europe, in Flanders, at Ghent University? What is being done currently? Serge De Gheldere and Wouter Deprez will share their analysis, their honest opinion, and set us to work. Kris Verheyen will also be talking about the planting of the forest for the climate two days later.

Planting of a forest for the climate on 17 February

Between noon and 6 p.m. on Friday, 17 February - the so-called ‘thick jumper day’ (Dikketruiendag) - we’ll be planting Ghent University’s forest for the climate, a woodland area covering 2.5 ha in Melle. This consists of 4,840 trees, divided into 22 clusters each with 220 trees. We need lots of people to help.

Planters wanted

Sign up with your team (an ideal team building activity!) and commit to planting an entire cluster of trees. Or sign up as an individual and work together with a ‘planting team’.

Practical information

The land where the trees are to be planted is located in Melle, between Geerbos and Kalverhagestraat. A bike ride will be organised and some carriages have been reserved on the train between Gent-Sint-Pieters and Kwatrecht station. It is a 300 m walk from there.  

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