Booking business trips in the blink of an eye

(29-06-2017) Need to book some business trips? Things will be a lot more practical from now on thanks to the framework agreement that Ghent University recently concluded with Uniglobe Smart Travel.

A tool has been specifically integrated into SAP (Apollo) so that the booking of the tickets via the travel agency and the processing of the invoices is now completely automatic. An important advantage of this centralised booking tool is that Ghent University community members can be easily localised if there is a crisis situation.

From now on, Ghent University must book all flights with Uniglobe Smart Travel via the centralised booking tool (manual). Group trips (10 people or more) are an exception to this.

The travel requests (both offline and online) are submitted via the electronic order platform (Apollo > Finances > Framework agreements).

You can find a comprehensive manual at Apollo > Finances (manual).

The advantages of the centralised booking tool are varied:

  • Speed and efficiency: the service provision from the travel agency is more practical than when you book the flight yourself;
  • If there are catastrophes, strikes, attacks, etc., the travel agency can quickly check which staff members may be involved;
  • The order can be generated from within SAP (Apollo), which means that the payment can be made via Airplus and invoices can be processed automatically;
  • In time, we will be able to bargain for corporate benefits at various companies by using the unique customer number, which isn’t the case now;
  • Compliance with the public procurement legislation is ensured when booking with Uniglobe;
  • Additional insurance is provided by paying via Airplus.