All the questions and answers about the new pension scheme for administrative and technical staff in one brochure

(18-05-2017) A new, supplementary pension scheme for administrative and technical staff recently came into effect at Ghent University. We have gathered all the information about this pension scheme in one handy brochure.

On 7 October 2016, the Board of Governors approved the supplementary pension scheme for contract administrative and technical staff.  This is good news, because this means that several members of the administrative and technicall staff will now receive a supplementary pension.

But who is paying for this pension scheme and how is your pension accrued? Which years will be taken into account for calculating your pension (at your request)? Where can you see how much pension you have already accrued? What if your status or employer changes?

We have listed these and other questions in a handy information brochure full of answers (in Dutch).

Any further questions? .