Focus on love in the new Dare to Think

(06-02-2017) Love is … kissing on the cover of Dare to Think! In this Valentine's month Dare to Think focuses on relationships. And more specific: why do(n't) they last?

Research shows that our attachment style is an important parameter. How this exactly works, and how to discover which attachment style is yours can be found out in the new edition of Dare to Think.

Further in Dare to Think you can read about the Cancer Research Institute Ghent (CRIG), the first virtual research institute set up by a group of Ghent-based research organizations. Promising research by inspiring scientists! Dare to Think also paid a visit to Professor Carl Devos, brand new ambassador of Ghent University in the province of West Flanders. "It’s time that we did more to promote a university in and for West Flanders."

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