The grand rector duo interview (and much more besides) in the new Dare to Think

(29-11-2017) Rector Rik Van de Walle and vice rector Mieke Van Herreweghe have been heading up our university for some time now. Time for a first look and to discover more about their plans: read about it in the new edition of Dare to Think.

Also in Dare to Think we take a look at the labour market in Belgium and Flanders. Much has been said, and often based on a gut feeling. But what does
science have to say? We presented our labour economist professor Stijn Baert (Department of Social Economics) with 7 questions. Will soon every young person find a job because of the aging population? And can’t we just work less and reallocate the work, in order to help get rid of the world’s unemployment? Should a career starter just take ‘any' job rather than waiting for his or her dream job to turn up? Read the answers in the new Dare to Think, Ghent University’s community magazine.

Reinforcing people at work: for 50 years this has been the mission at the UCBO, the University Centre for Guidance and Training that helps those with an occupational limitation and looking for work to find a job. Last year the UCBO extended its offer to include services related to the improvement of general well-being at work. Curious to see how they operate? Read the new Dare to Think.

Prefer a paper copy? You can find 'Durf Denken' (Dutch version) in one of the 50 distribution points in popular spots at Ghent University (student restaurants, homes, libraries, ...).