Everyone from Ghent University is welcome in De Krook!

(21-02-2017) De Krook will celebrate its opening between 10 and 12 March 2017 and is the ultimate spot to get inspiration on culture, knowledge and innovation.

It can be found between the Gentse Lammerstraat and the Platteberg. Ghent University helps to breathe life into De Krook.

There’s so much more on offer at De Krook than simply borrowing a book. It is to be a meeting place where you can relax with a drink, meet people, enjoy some culture, and even read or study. Not only that, you can also attend workshops there, tour various installations, or get down to work yourself with innovations and technology, such as 3D printing and virtual reality.

De Krook is also to become Ghent University’s research showcase. Visitors will see how the future is shaping up. De Krook will also act as an interactive laboratory. Ghent University invites everyone, from library visitors to fellow scientists, to come and try out and participate in top research.

The research groups for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies (MICT of the Department of Communication Sciences), the research group Culture & Education (Department of Educational Sciences), the IPEM (Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music) and IDLab (Internet and Data Lab) will be operating from there. Urgent.fm, Ghent University’s own radio station, will also be moving to De Krook.

Discover Ghent University in De Krook

You will be able to come and find out more about Ghent University in De Krook during the opening weekend, from Friday, 10 to Sunday, 12 March 2017. A preview of what’s on offer:

  • Discover virtual reality

One of the themes imec and Ghent University will be working on at De Krook is virtual reality. They will be demonstrating some unique VR experiences during the opening weekend. Discover the theory of relativity with Captain Einstein or reveal your talents as a graffiti artist as you create 3D art with the HTC Vive.

  • Lab Tour

Come visit Ghent University’s labs, where scientists at De Krook roll up their sleeves and get down to business. Check how well you can see in 3D, and see at IPEM how you can influence music by cycling, how a computer at IDLab can recognise your emotion, or discover your digital profile at MICT. Let’s meet at the activity stairs!

  • Speed dates: meet De Krook face-to-face

Meet the makers and brains behind De Krook. From library staff, researchers to radio producers. You’ll be given 7 minutes to ask away. 7 minutes later: anyone else you’d like to meet?

  • Ghent University research demos

What do scientists at Ghent University and imec have to do with the festival armbands used at Tomorrowland? What is it like to be a starter under imec’s wing? This weekend, researchers emerge from their labs and starters from their garages to show you just what they’re up to.

  • Music!

Urgent.fm is the top festival radio to be heard during De Krook’s opening weekend! The programme includes a story session with Relaas, stimulating discussions about Dutch-language music in Poolijs XL, the culture show Tumult.fm, and lots of music and DJ sessions. Tune in on 105.3 FM or settle into their studio to experience a live performance.

The complete programme can be found on www.ugent.be/dekrook and www.dekrook.be