New edition 'Durf Denken': De Krook, walking through the history of Ghent University and the ‘Care for Society’ fund

(21-02-2017) You cannot miss De Krook in Ghent during the second weekend of March. Ghent University injects new life in De Krook; in the new edition of the community magazine Durf Denken you can read all about this project.

With 200 years on the counter Ghent University is a grande dame with a rich history. As a result of our historical jubilee the associations of city guides Gandante and Gentse Gidsen have set up guided tours. From different perspectives they shed light on the history of the university. In the new edition of 'Durf Denken' we gladly present you the guided tours. 

During the jubilee year we also cannot overlook the driving force of what Ghent University: scientific research that improves society. The fund ‘Care for Society’ focuses on three domains: oncology, healthy diets, and traffic safety. In each domain we selected a recent project and present it to you in the new 'Durf Denken'.

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This magazine is published ten times a year; five editions will also be published in English as ‘Dare to Think’.

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