A new Durf Denken edition: covering the revival of vinyl, scientific myths and the 'Uni Ducenti' jubilee concert

(04-05-2017) Vinyl records are suddenly hip again. You see people in coffee shops scribbling in stylish notebooks and taking lots of Polaroid photos again.

These are just a few examples of how people are opting to use the old analogue version of something that is available digitally. The idea that we would do everything digitally in the 21st century is losing ground. Is it the final throes of the analogue age or is there more to it? Read the new edition of Durf Denken, the community magazine of Ghent University.

Chocolate gives you acne, stress gives you ulcers and spinach is rich in iron. It’s much more common than you would believe … ideas that virtually everyone believes, but have long been refuted by science. You can read about some of the most striking examples in the May edition of Durf Denken.

Finally, share our Durf Denken magazine with the musicians and choristers of the ensembles of the universities of Ghent and Luik and tell them about the “Uni Ducenti”. This is a prestigious jubilee concert where no less than 350 musicians and singers will perform at BOZAR on 16 May 2017.

Read Durf Denken online.

Durf Denken is the Ghent University community magazine. Of the ten editions published annually in Dutch, five digital editions are also published in English.