Eduroam upgrade – important changes for everyone at Ghent University!

(12-07-2017) On Wednesday morning, 12 July 2017, the ICT department installed a new version of the application used for wireless authentication.

This new version will make it easier to use wireless devices to connect via WiFi to Eduroam (laptop, smartphone, or tablet).

Among other things, this new version will introduce the following changes:

  • Apple devices: it will no longer be necessary to install a configuration file on Apple devices to obtain wireless access. Most devices from other suppliers will be able to connect to Eduroam as is (i.e. out of the box).
  • You can log in to Eduroam using your Ghent University e-mail address. So, it is no longer necessary to use your ‘’ address.
  • Windows: laptops that are included in the Ghent University’s Windows domain (the Active Directory) will be able to log in in one step for both the device and Eduroam.
However, the upgrade on 12 July directly impacts Apple users that currently use Eduroam using their installed configuration file. After the upgrade, this file will no longer provide access to Eduroam. To access Eduroam using an Apple device, you must delete this configuration file. More information is available at:
Please contact the ICT department help desk, either via e-mail at , or by phone at 09 264 47 47 on workdays 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.