Elections of rector and vice-rector: towards a second round

(21-04-2017) The first voting round in the elections of rector and vice-rector did not produce a winner. The next round takes place from Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 April 2017. The duo which achieves a two-thirds majority of votes is elected.

Rector Anne De Paepe: "Our university community has been able to choose who will be in charge of Ghent University in a few months. One voting round was not enough for this. The voting procedure will therefore be repeated next week."

"I urge everyone to focus on the substantive debate. ‘Dare to Think’ is our motto: this university can handle conflicting opinions and vigorous debates. We should continue on that road. Let us represent Ghent University’s interests as an institution and as a community for the next few weeks. I wish the candidates good luck in the second round!”

New election rules

The election rules have changed thoroughly. Both staff and students are allowed to vote. Also, the candidates had to come up as a duo, and within each duo there had to be a gender balance.

Two duos presented themselves: Rik Van de Walle (rector) and Mieke Van Herreweghe (vice-rector), and Guido Van Huylenbroeck (rector) and Sarah De Saeger (vice-rector).

The voter turnout of the various ranks at the first round of these elections was high. For example, 81% of the ZAP, 37% of the AAP and 59% of the ATP members voted. Only the students had a lower turnout than expected (17%).

The election results of the first voting round also show a particularly low number of blank votes, i.e. 6%, which shows that the programmes of the candidates convinced the voter to make a choice.

The results of the first voting round.

Next week, the second voting round will take place from Wednesday 26 April (9 am) until Friday 28 April 2017 (12 o'clock). Again, all staff and students are invited to vote on https://verkiezingen.ugent.be


Websites of the candidates: