Vote for our Ghent University staff members to get the EOS Public Prize for Scientific Communication

(25-10-2017) No less than three Ghent University staff members have been nominated for the EOS Public Prize for favourite scientific communicator. Go vote for them!

  • Marjan Doom (Museum for the History of Sciences / Department of Morphology, faculty of Veterinary Sciences) has been nominated for her exhibition ‘Post Mortem. Vesalius tussen kunst en wetenschap’

For this inspiring cross-pollination between science and art at a unique location in collaboration with three institutes. The project successfully translated a complex subject for a wide audience, from secondary schools to researchers and even fans of culture.

  • Arne Verliefde and Sebastiaan Derese (Department of Applied Analytical and Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering) have been nominated for their pilot installation for nutrient recovery from human urine at the 2016 Gentse Feesten

For their project that inspired a wide audience to think about an important global issue and showed them how science can provide an answer. There is an urgent need to ecologically process wastewater in third-world countries. The researchers broached this problem in a humorous way. Festival-goers could even test out how the installation worked for themselves.

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