Elections rector and vice-rector: voting round cancelled due to technical defect - voting resumed on Thursday

(19-09-2017) At Ghent University, the first round in a new voting cycle for a new rector and vice-rector started on Monday 18 September 2017. The results were expected today.

However, a profound analysis Monday afternoon has shown that a technical defect occurred in the dispatch of a campaign email that was sent last Friday to all Ghent University students and staff by means of the mailing system of the university. Something went wrong with the system, causing the campaign message of the team of Rik and Mieke to reach 61,187 staff and students, the message of Karin and Patrick reached 13,597 people. Despite the fact that all standard procedures were followed, they still appear to be inadequate.

The election commission, appointed by the Board of Governors, wants to rule out any impact on the election. Therefore, the commission immediately decided on Tuesday morning not to unlock the results of this voting round. The first round of voting will be resumed. This round will take place from Thursday 21 September (8:00) until Friday 22 September (8:00). A potential second voting round can take place from Monday 25 September (8:00) until Tuesday 26 September (8:00). In the context of the principle of equality, Karin and Patrick's campaign mail is still to be sent to the students and staff who received the message from Rik and Mieke, and not the version of Karin and Patrick.

The election commission emphasizes that the electoral process itself took place correctly. The online voting application also worked smoothly.

"Today, the proverbial Murphy's law has hit," says Sas van Rouveroij, chairman of the election commission. "A technical failure has caused the election email of Karin and Patrick not to be sent to all intended recipients. The principle of equality is particularly important in this - all students and staff are entitled to the same communication - hence this unanimous decision of the electoral commission, in which all ranks are represented."

All eligible students and staff will soon receive a new call for the first round of voting.

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