Ghent University researchers scale the heights in medicine and life sciences

(05-12-2016) This year, as much as 17 Ghent University researchers are 'highly cited'. That's half of the highly cited researchers in Belgium.

The fields in which Ghent University has a large concentration of top publications, are mainly situated within the life sciences (pharmaceutical sciences and bio-engineering) and medicine. For many experts in those fields, biotechnology plays an important role in their research.

The highly cited researchers in Plant & Animal Science are Kris Morales, Alain Goossens Dirk Inzé, Frank Van Breusegem, Stephane Rombauts Tom Beeckman, Wout Boerjan and Yves Van de Peer. Their particular expertise covers a wide range from plant biotechnology to biostatistics.

Representing the Agricultural Sciences: Wim Verbeke (agro-food marketing and consumer behavior), Johan Debevere (food safety) and visiting professor Herman W Barkema (veterinary medicine). Another domain is Environment / Ecology, where bioengineers Korneel Rabaey and Willy Verstraete are honoured for their top publications.

Within Clinical Medicine, Guy De Backer is recognized as a highly cited researcher. The same is true for Bart Lambrecht with his biotech expertise in the field of Immunology, Hamida Hammad in Immunopathology and finally Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij in the Social Sciences, for her research into social care.

New method

In 2001, Thomson Reuters started with the layout of this exclusive list, which is based on the highest number of top publications. In the past, the prestigious Highly Cited list honoured especially researchers who had acquired a total top score of citations on their list - usually academics at the end of their careers. The new method since 2014 brings more young researchers into the limelight as only scientific publications from the last decade count.