EnerGhentIC officially launched on 19 October 2017

(18-10-2017) EnerGhentIC is the interdisciplinary community of Ghent University researchers working on the energy challenge.

Join us and get to know more about the new features and opportunities EnerGhentIC brings to you. Furthermore, you will learn from others how they have worked with us in the past. The poster session and network lunch will give you the possibility to discuss with our experts about the energy challenges, understand how they contribute to the challenges with their expertise and discuss new trends with the other attendees.


  • 09:00  Registration with coffee & poster session
  • 09:30   Intro UGent-EnerGhentIC
  • 09:50   Environmental sustainability assessment bringing a positive story – Prof. Jo Dewulf
  • 10:10     Economic/ecologic trade-offs in the 2030 electricity landscape - Prof. Johan Albrecht & Sam Hamels
  • 10:30    Legal aspects for the new energy era - Prof. Frederik Vandendriessche (Stibbe)
  • 10:50    Intermezzo &break
  • 11:20     How we collaborate
    • 11:20     Energy Efficiency in buildings supported by smart ventilation - Ivan Pollet (Renson)
    • 11:35     Energy Efficiency in industry through waste heat recovery - Stijn Descamps (Timmerman)
    • 11:50     The story of an entrepreneur in wave energy - Steven Nauwelaerts (Laminaria)
    • 12:05    Energy synergies on industrial sites, a multidisciplinary approach in an interregional setting - Dominiek Vandewiele (Leiedal)
  • 12:20    Frederik Loeckx (Flux50)
  • 12:30     EnerGhentIC for you
  • 12:50   Closure by Bart Tommelein (Vice-Minister-President of the Government of Flanders, Flemish minister for Budget, Finance and Energy)
  • 13:00   Network lunch & poster session