Go meatless with the Ghent University group

(21-02-2017) Ghent University is once again joining in the Meatless Days campaign. The goal: to eat less meat and fish for 40 days.

Go meatless too and sign up for the Ghent University group on the DZV website. This way, you too can contribute to our collective commitment!

Just a reminder: Last year’s Meatless Days at Ghent University were a great success. For example, in the 8 student restaurants, there were no less than 24,000 veggie meals consumed, or one reserved meal out of four. As the largest group within the initiative, we demonstrated an involvement that really matters and that we really want to experience at least!

Ghent University is once again supporting the 'Dagen Zonder Vlees' (Meatless Days) campaign.  After all, our meat consumption has a major impact on climate change, which is why Ghent University has included the principle of moderate meat consumption in its sustainability vision.

The student restaurants are also making extra efforts during this year’s edition of Meatless Days. You can enjoy a delicious vegetarian menu on festive Thursdays in a celebratory context. There’s even a chance to get the VIP treatment… So, make sure to keep an eye out for the great campaigns and contests sponsored by the Ghent University Sustainability Office!