MEPs visit Ghent University to discuss Horizon 2020

(24-01-2017) On 24 February, Members of the Europeran Parlement (MEPs) visited Ghent University within the context of the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020, an EU programme worth 80 billion euros.

Horizon 2020 is the largest European research and innovation programme. It should in particular stimulate economic growth and create jobs. The program combines research and innovation to tackle societal challenges. It promotes excellent science, removes the barriers that block innovation and makes public-private partnerships easier. With Horizon 2020, the EU wants to safeguard Europe's competitive position in the world.

For Ghent University, Horizon 2020 is the largest European research and innovation funding programme. Ghent University is also a major player in the programme. So far our university had 129 Horizon 2020 research and innovation projects, accounting for about 68 million euros and 20 additional jobs for scientists.

From Horizon 2020 to KP9

Currently, Horizon 2020 is being revised. This interim evaluation is the prelude to KP9, which will be the successor of Horizon 2020. The evaluation will also ask the contribution of Ghent University, in particular to improve the cooperation between research in social sciences on the one hand, and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) on the other.

Some members of the European Parliamentary commission ITRE (Industry, Technology, Research and Energy) therefore visited  Ghent university on 24 January, after having previously visited Polish, Spanish and Portuguese stakeholders. The MEPs were accompanied by a member of the European Commission.