New academic year inaugurates '200 years Ghent University'

(22-09-2016) At the opening of the new academic year, the celebration of 200 years Ghent University takes a start.

Proud of its rich history and aware of its social role, '200 years Ghent University' will be a year of looking back but above all of looking ahead. Which university does Ghent University want to be in the future? That is the common thread throughout the celebration year.

On 9 October 1817 the Dutch King William I officially founded the university in the throne room of the City Hall in Ghent. What began as a small university with four faculties, 16 professors and 190 students has become a leading educational and research institution, including more than 40,000 students sharpening their critical sense and scientists conducting groundbreaking fundamental and applied scientific research. Also, the university and the city are inextricably linked and intertwined: Whoever says 'Ghent University' says 'Ghent', and vice versa.

"We stand today at a symbolic turning point," says Rector Anne De Paepe. "We want to look back at our rich history in the coming months, but above all we'll ask ourselves which social role our university should have. Which university will be the Ghent University of the future?"

During the opening of the academic year on 23 September 2016, the well-filled program of '200 years Ghent University' will be announced. There are, throughout the year, fifteen anchor events. Also, events such as Dies Natalis will be dedicated to '200 years Ghent University.

In all speeches at the opening of the academic year, '200 years Ghent University' will be the central message. The key visual 'Ghent 20.0, a history full of future'  will be shown for the first time to the public on 23 September.


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