New edition of 'Dare to Think' online

(31-03-2017) How do shops and manufacturers decide on the price of their clothes? Read all about it in the new edition of Ghent University magazine Dare to Think.

The arrival of cheap clothing stores in Belgium has shaken up the market considerably. The professors Maggie Geuens and Dries Benoit (Department of Marketing) may not have special insights into the private business of clothing brands, but they do know how companies tend to set their prices. And there is certainly more to it than just the production price. They explain more in the new edition of Dare to Think.

We will also be revealing the secrets of the ‘University’s Palace', as the Aula is sometimes known. From ham-clad columns to the secret of the copper meridian in the peristyle: you can find out all about it in the latest edition of Dare to Think.

Ghent University is also contributing to a prestigious European network to make raw materials strong in Europe. “We are now playing in a higher league," are the ambitious words of professor Luc Moens (Department of Analytical Chemistry).

And with the international rowing regatta just around the corner, celebrating '200 years of Ghent University’, we hear from alumnus Kristof Dekeyser about the very first edition of this sporting event, at Portus Ganda back in 2008. By the way, did you know that rowers from the Ghent University team won the regatta back then with flying colours?