Nominees for Education, Research and Public Engagement Awards announced

foto Christophe Vander Eecken (large view)

foto Christophe Vander Eecken

(05-10-2016) After an extensive nomination round earlier this year, the nominees for the annual Ghent University Awards are known. They will be honored on 21 December 2016 during the award ceremony in the Aula Academica.

Since 2011, Ghent University has presented annual awards to reward and encourage quality efforts and the continuous commitment of all its employees: the Minerva Award for Education, the Prometheus Award for Research and the Hermes Award for Public Engagement.

This spring, every Ghent University students and employee could nominate his or her favourite for each category. Out of all the nominees, an advisory committee drew up a shortlist of nine laureates. On 21 December 2016 they are all celebrated during an award ceremony.

The following colleagues will be honored for the 2016 edition:

Minerva Award

  • Prof. Robby Caspeele (Engineering and Architecture, Department of Structural Engineering) for his outstanding quality and flexibility in his teaching - in combination with many research tasks. His students praise him for his unbridled enthusiasm, proper guidance and clear explanation.
  • Prof. Lieven De Marez (Political and Social Sciences, Department of Communication Science) because of the way he integrates both current research and lessons from the professional field in his education. He gets great acclaim among the students for his 'innovation challenges' and for the many renowned guest speakers he invites.
  • Prof. Luc Tirry (Bioscience Engineering, Department of Crop Protection) because of his long-standing commitment to quality assurance in education and his effective leadership of the faculty office of education. He is a celebrated teacher and a wise and sensible ombudsperson.

Prometheus Award

  •  Prof. Eva Brems (Department of European, Public and International Law) because of the thoughtful leadership with which she built a dynamic research group where there is room for self-development and commitment to scientific excellence and social impact. She is living proof that social engagement and world-class research can go hand in hand.
  • Prof. Guy Brusselle (Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Internal Medicine) for his dedication to his patients, junior researchers and his scientific field. Besides his contribution to the development of new asthma treatments, he focuses on the new generation and the development of an extensive international network.
  • Prof. Richard Hoogenboom (Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry) for his exceptional track record. He combines passion and ambition with social skills which not only make him the perfect research partner, but also guarantee a productive group dynamic.

Hermes Award

  • Collaborative effort Postdoc Talent Management (Jasmien Van Daele – Personnel Department) and Postdoc Community (Lieve Van Hoof – Department of History) because of the extraordinary spirit and effectiveness with which the proponents of this initiative push forward the improvement and visibility of the postdoc status. This combination of policy and professional service, and a grassroots platform has since developed into an international best practice.
  • Dr. Hetty Helsmoortel (Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Pediatrics and Genetics) for her exceptional achievements in the field of science communication. With great clarity, sense of humor and imagination she brings science into every living room, be it through TV, radio, newspaper, blog, or special events. This makes her a true source of inspiration even at this early stage in her career.
  • Nancy Terryn on behalf of the Development Co-operation Unit (Research Department – Research Co-ordination Office) because of their indefatigable commitment to the promotion and support of development co-operation at this university. All faculties can rely on their swift, genial, and expert advice and feel strongly supported in their collaboration efforts with the global South.