Tips for under the Christmas tree

(14-12-2017) For those still looking for a nice gift for the festive season: the historical book and a photobook about “200 years of Ghent University” are being offered at a great discount.

You can also buy the “special edition” hoodie at a temporary promotion price.

This year-end promotion runs until Wednesday 31 January 2018.

The following promotions are available:

  • historical book “Uit de ivoren toren” ('Away from the ivory tower') by Professor Gita Deneckere: now at €29.90 (instead of €39.90)
  • photo book “200 jaar UGent in 200 objecten” and the English version “Ghent University: 200 Years in 200 Objects”: now at €25.00 (instead of €35.00)
  • 'double discount for purchase of historical book and photo book (Dutch or English language version) together: €50.00
  • hooded sweater special edition “200 years of Ghent University”: at €29.90 (instead of €39.90)

Where to buy?

  • The books can be purchased at the physical sales points of the Ghent University shop in the Central Administration Building (Campus Ufo, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25) or in Het Pand (Onderbergen 1), as well as online via
  • The promotions will also be offered for sale in the Ufo at the traditional New Year's reception on Monday 8 January 2018 (6:00 pm).

More information

  • Uit de ivoren toren tells the story of Ghent University and its social commitment since its establishment in 1817 until today. The university was closely linked to major social issues from the beginning. It played a major role in these issues together with its professors, students and former students.

    In ten themed chapters, historian Gita Deneckere outlines the two hundred years of history in broad strokes. It travels from pluralism and democratisation, about gender and sexuality, to the environment and bio-technology. Each chapter ends with a point of contention for the future. Apart from using the archive and many other sources for her information, the author was also able to gain information by carrying out interviews with privileged witnesses. Their personal stories and the “great history” come together to create a monumental synthesis.

    And the author is not afraid of controversy. She makes it clear why the university is so important, for everyone. As a result, this great book is itself an example of how science and engagement go hand in hand, under the motto Dare to Think.

    This book is a must for anyone who is involved in Ghent University or wants to learn more about the university. Not forgetting those interested in the role of the university in society today.
  • In the photo book 200 jaar UGent in 200 objecten, the 200-year history of Ghent University is explored using 200 objects.

    Universities are just like people. No matter how old they are, you can reconstruct their life history on the basis of the items they have used, invented and bequeathed. This thought is the basis of Ghent University: 200 Years in 200 Objects, a wonderful reading book, but also a great book to browse, with which Ghent University (1817-2017) invites you to celebrate its bicentenary.

    A student's worn suitcase, Vuile Mong's student card, Jan Palfijn's forceps, up to the ermine on the Rector's gown, a pocket microscope (with flea), a medal of the Flemish Nobel Laureate, Corneel Heymans, a picture of a deceased student, the trowel used by William I, founder of Ghent University, to lay the first stone of the Auditorium: all two hundred objects are diverse. Expensive and cheap. Old and new. Poetic and prosaic. Rare and banal. Hilarious and painful. In all their variety, they tell the story of a University that is deeply rooted in society.

    The book Ghent University: 200 Years in 200 Objects explains why the record sleeve of the last Gorki album would perhaps have looked completely different without Ghent University, how you can travel from Stockholm to Barcelona on 1 litre of diesel in the Eco Car Energy 5, and what linked top Armenian poet Varoujean with Ghent University.

    For those studying or have ever studied at Ghent University, as well as those who enjoy hidden stories behind special objects, this inspired and inspiring book is an absolute must-have.

    The book is available in Dutch and English.
    With text contributions from Patrick De Rynck, Ann-Sofie Dekeyser, Agnes Goyvaerts, Petra Gunst and Pascal Verbeken.