Russia Platform starts with debate on Russia's future

(18-10-2016) The debate 'Russia's Future: destiny and choice' on 19 October marks the beginning of the Russia Platform at Ghent University. Journalist Jan Balliauw (VRT) will moderate the debate.

The mission of the Russia Platform is to coordinate and facilitate all knowledge on Russia, in terms of education, research and public service.

The platform will stimulate student and researcher exchanges, and wants to set up new research collaborations, in addition to the existing partnerships which will be extended. The Russia Platform also wants to be a knowledge centre which anayses topics like politics and economics in the Russian context. It wants to valorise that knowledge together with the City of Ghent, the Province of East-Flanders, VOKA, FIT, the Port of Ghent, Ostend, and of course Ghent University itself.

Opening debate

Several panel members will join the debate: professor Koen Schoors (UGent), professor Lien Verpoest (KU Leuven), professor Stefan Hedlund (Uppsala University) and professor Vyacheslav Morozov (University of Tartu).