Towards a second cycle of voting at Ghent University: timing of the voting rounds

(18-05-2017) In the fifth round of the elections of rector and vice-rector at our university none of the duos achieved a two-thirds majority. The electoral procedure will be resumed more rapidly, starting from 29 May.

The same electoral rules will apply. Candidates must come up as duo, and within each duo there must be gender equilibrium. Both staff and students can vote. The duo which achieves a two-thirds majority of the votes, is elected.

New candidates can present themselves from Monday 29 May (9:00) until Wednesday 31 May (12:00).
  • The first round of voting: Monday June 19th (08:00) until Tuesday 20 June (08:00)
  • The second round of voting: Wednesday 21 June (08:00) until Thursday 22 June (08:00)
  • The third round of voting: Friday 23 June (08:00) until Saturday 24 June (08:00)
  • The fourth round of voting: Monday June 26th (08:00) until Tuesday, 27 June (08:00)
  • The fifth round of voting: Wednesday 28 June (08:00) until Thursday 29 June (08:00)
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