Student restaurants summer scheduling

(29-06-2017) There are a lot less students and staff members present at the university during the summer months. This means that various restaurants and cafeterias will be closed.

  • You can always come into Resto De Brug for a warm meal in July and August. However, Resto de Brug will be closed during the Gentse Feesten (24 July-28 July). During that week, you can count on Resto Sint-Jansvest to provide you with a warm meal.
  • We will also be temporarily changing a few restaurants into cafeterias to be able to serve lunches at as many locations as possible. You can buy sandwiches, salads, (hearty) soups, and hot snacks in the cafeterias.
  • Most of the restaurants and cafeterias will be open again as of 4 September (except for Resto Boudewijn and Cafetaria Ledeganck).
  • Find the full overview for the summer schedule.