Exhibition in Ufo with student designs for the visual interpretation of ‘Iedereen UGent!’

(05-04-2017) The 'Vitrine: Scenarios for Ghent University 20.0' exhibition will be held from Monday 3 April, through Friday 7 April 2017, in the foyer of the Ufo.

The exhibition presents the results from the Joker Week, an annual project week organised by the Architecture and Urban Development Department in cooperation with De Loeiende Koe and the second-Master’s students. The theme of the 2017 Joker Week is the celebration of ‘200 Years Ghent University’.

Ghent University will be celebrating its 200th anniversary on 8 October 2017 with a major event in the city: ‘Iedereen UGent!’. Numerous workshops, experiments, lectures, debates, etc. will be held along the route from the Botanical Garden to Het Pand. During the Joker Week, the Engineering and Architecture students will team up with the third-year Architectural Engineering Bachelor’s students to take on the challenge of creating and presenting designs to visually define this route.

After the Joker Week, several proposals will be selected to be further developed by 8 October for ‘Iedereen UGent!’.