News bulletin

04-05-2017 A new Durf Denken edition: covering the revival of vinyl, scientific myths and the 'Uni Ducenti' jubilee concert
03-05-2017 Coffee value can be predicted without tasting
28-04-2017 Elections of rector and vice-rector: towards a third round
25-04-2017 Influenza: more protective vaccinations
21-04-2017 Elections of rector and vice-rector: towards a second round
20-04-2017 The demise of the fire salamander and the European response
19-04-2017 Ghent University’s movies win a gold and silver award at the World Media Festival in Hamburg
19-04-2017 Represent Ghent University in the annual Ghent City Run
19-04-2017 Visit Ghent University on Heritage Day
10-04-2017 Scientists to develop cancer biomarker technology
10-04-2017 Elections for rector and vice-rector: first round
06-04-2017 Brexit 1.0: Britain's geological departure from Europe
06-04-2017 International Rowing Regatta for 200 years Ghent University
06-04-2017 The rise of recyclable plastics
05-04-2017 Sports Day at Ghent University: buy the hooded sweater, T-shirt and dopper at a promotion price
05-04-2017 New Communications and Marketing Department
05-04-2017 Exhibition in Ufo with student designs for the visual interpretation of ‘Iedereen UGent!’
05-04-2017 Commuting after the implementation of Ghent’s new circulation plan
05-04-2017 200 years Ghent University and the University of Liege: ‘Uni Ducenti’ in the Bozar
04-04-2017 Scientists expose protein responsible for allergic diseases
31-03-2017 New edition of 'Dare to Think' online
28-03-2017 VIDEO. 80 (vice-)rectors, 64 institutions and 29 countries at the International Rector's Conference
28-03-2017 From grass to grassoline
21-03-2017 Call: contribute to a smart Ghent University internationalization policy in just 1 minute
21-03-2017 Commemoration Brussels attacks: at noon we hold a minute's silence at Ghent University