News bulletin

27-01-2017 Klaas Bentein receives Visiting Fellowship from Harvard University
26-01-2017 Strategic distribution of 21 professorial staff (ZAP) posts: vision, call and procedure
24-01-2017 MEPs visit Ghent University to discuss Horizon 2020
20-01-2017 Protein IL-33 found to drive allergic sensitivity in the neonatal lung
19-01-2017 Partnership with Umeå Plant Science Centre and SweTree Technologies helps to advance forestry
19-01-2017 Revolutionary technology makes safer sewage systems in India
17-01-2017 Stefaan De Smedt appointed as Distinguished Visiting Scientist by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
13-01-2017 New research project on Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy in Northwest Ethiopia
09-01-2017 Jana Missiaen and Heiderike Seynaeve receive DiverGent Thesis Prize 2017
02-01-2017 Ghent University and KU Leuven confer joint honorary doctorate on Angela Merkel
01-01-2017 Warm wishes for 2017
20-12-2016 7 million euros for paradigm shift in diabetes management
13-12-2016 Wim Bogaerts, Martin Guilliams, Koen Bostoen and Jo van Steenbergen receive ERC Consolidator Grant
12-12-2016 Ghent University will recrute Chinese students in their own language
07-12-2016 Ghent University delegation joins Belgian economic mission to Texas
07-12-2016 Africa Platform celebrates 10th anniversary
06-12-2016 Scientists show protein’s role in maintaining fertility later in life
05-12-2016 Ghent University researchers scale the heights in medicine and life sciences
30-11-2016 New edition of 'Dare to Think' online
25-11-2016 Korneel Rabaey and Ernst Koster awarded by the Royal Flemish Academy
24-11-2016 Scientists develop diagnostic tool for Familial Mediterranean Fever
21-11-2016 Bpost issues stamp for 200 years Ghent University
14-11-2016 Patrick Sorgeloos appointed as Chair of Sultan Mizan
10-11-2016 200 years Ghent University: SMS Poetry Contest for students, staff and alumni
09-11-2016 Researchers unravel viruses’ strategies to dodge immune systems