News bulletin

14-12-2017 Tips for under the Christmas tree
14-12-2017 Take part in the World Company Sport Games 2018 in La Baule: subscribe now!
04-12-2017 Thomas Van Leeuwen and Frederick Verbruggen receive ERC Consolidator Grant
29-11-2017 The grand rector duo interview (and much more besides) in the new Dare to Think
29-11-2017 Range of sports camps on offer in 2018 for staff children
28-11-2017 17 ‘highly cited researchers’ in various life science domains at Ghent University
16-11-2017 The Battle of the Scientists
16-11-2017 A musical winter!
16-11-2017 Magazine ‘Durf Denken’: will we ever be successful in banishing the flu for good?
16-11-2017 Sunday 26 November: visit Ghent University on Science Day
16-11-2017 Are you feeling down? Don't carry on
07-11-2017 Ghent University scores highly in US News ranking of global universities
28-10-2017 Dirk Inzé awarded with World Agriculture Prize
25-10-2017 Vote for our Ghent University staff members to get the EOS Public Prize for Scientific Communication
25-10-2017 Dare to Think: Ghent University people on their science hero
25-10-2017 University for You: debate on the societal role of the university
18-10-2017 EnerGhentIC officially launched on 19 October 2017
05-10-2017 200 years Ghent University: alumni authors return to the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
05-10-2017 Humanities 20.0 on 17 October 2017
05-10-2017 Ghent University at Ghent Film Festival
05-10-2017 Make Ghent University even more Fair Trade minded!
05-10-2017 Register now for the Internationalisation Day at Ghent University
05-10-2017 10 reasons to go to ‘Everyone Ghent University!'
02-10-2017 Fact check: does student employment slow down one's study progress?
26-09-2017 Rik Van de Walle and Mieke Van Herreweghe obtain a large majority in elections for a new rector and vice-rector