New recycling rules for the pmd bag

(10-01-2020) The plastic collected in the PMD waste is no longer limited to bottles and flasks. From January all plastic packaging can be placed in the 'Blue bag'

Trays, fleets, foil, trays, candy wrappers, yogurt jars, bags, cups, jars, tubes, caps ... all plastic packaging is now allowed at the PMD. Ghent University can thus follow the rules that also apply to the residents of the city of Ghent since 1 January, and will be introduced throughout Flanders in the coming years.

Of course it is important to keep sorting correctly:

  • Remove the films from the jars and trays and throw them separately in the PMD bag.
  • Leave the caps on the plastic bottles.
  • In addition to beverage cartons and cans, PMD waste also includes metal crown caps, aluminum trays and empty spray cans of cosmetics and whipped cream.
  • Aluminum foil and polystyrene are still not allowed in the blue bag.
  • Packaging larger than 8 liters and packaging of toxic or corrosive products are never permitted.
  • Do not put packs together.

The old blue bags are used up to the end of stock, filled according to the new sorting rules.

At the Ghent University addresses where until now uncoloured films and hard plastics have been collected separately, this arrangement will be maintained. It ensures high-quality recycling.