Watch the start of the academic year at the Ghent University Global Campus

(28-08-2020) On 28 August, the annual Commencement and Matriculation Ceremony took place at the Ghent University Global Campus in South Korea.

At this ceremony both the graduating students are celebrated and the brand new students were welcomed. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ceremony was held online this year.

This year, 25 students successfully completed their studies at the Ghent University Global Campus. This brings the total number of graduates since the establishment of GUGC to 37.

“Dear graduates, for you a new adventure is about to begin. May you take all the knowledge and wisdom acquired through your experience at Ghent University Global Campus and may you prosper in all your future endeavours!” - Rector Rik Van de Walle

In addition to congratulations for the brand new alumni, attention was also paid to all new students at the Ghent University Global Campus. In total more than 500 students are now enrolled at GUGC.

“Dear freshmen, you may wonder what your life will be like on our campus. Well, honestly, that will be mostly up to you. But we will of course not leave you to your own devices. An excellent group of professors, researchers and teaching assistants will take care of your education. In addition, each and every member of our staff will assist you in discovering the exciting potentials you have.” - Rector Rik Van de Walle

Watch the Commencement and Matriculation Ceremony with speeches by Rector Rik Van de Walle, Taejun Han, acting president of Ghent University Global Campus, Stephen Depudyt, education director for GUGC, Peter Lescouhier, the Belgian ambassador to South Korea and Lee Won-jae, commissioner of the Incheon Free Economic Zone.

Six years ago Ghent University was the first European university to settle on the Songdo Global Campus in South Korea. Since then, the student population has grown strongly. In. The past year, the Flemish University and Higher Education Council gave all bachelor programmes at Ghent University Global Campus a positive review across the board, which means the quality of the education we offer at GUGC fully matches the first-rate European education at our home campus. This excellent review will allow to move from a temporary accreditation of the programmes at GUGC to a permanent one.