Ten tips to survive on 50 euros a week

(10-02-2020) Now the exams are over, you can return to proper student life. The only disadvantage: the costs mount up and fifty euros soon disappears. We would therefore like to give you some tips on managing your budget, completely free of charge!

budget.jpgKeep an eye on your budget

It’s not the most exciting job but, for a few weeks, make a note of everything you spend. This will give you a good idea of your costs and allow you to make changes as necessary. Handy if you wish to budget. And, above all, scary to see how quickly you whizz through it!


This applies to everything in fact. Going to cafés, trips to the cinema, eating out,... You can do whatever you like, but just remember that you can’t expect to party on a daily basis. It’s all about making choices. Do you really want to spend every evening in the café with friends? Then you’ll have to start doing some home cooking? Or eating more chocolate-spread sandwiches.

Have a good think beforehand about what you wish to spend your week’s budget on. Are you off to buy some groceries? Make a shopping list and stick to it. And be sure not to go to the supermarket on an empty stomach.

Foto restaurantAs cheap as chips

It may be tempting, but going to the chip shop every day is not the only way to keep your food budget down. There are plenty of alternatives to eating cheaply and more healthily. Maybe you get the odd doggy bag from hotel mum? Those that like cooking can save money by cooking together with friends or others in their student accommodation. Do you have a freezer compartment? Use it to store the leftovers for next time. Those who can get up early enough can make their own lunch rather than buying a filled roll or eating lunch out every day. This saves you lots of money. Student restaurants also serve healthy meals, and offer these to students at a very reasonable price. A large bowl of soup will cost you just over 1 euro. A main meal between 3.5 and 5 euros. You won’t find anything cheaper away from ‘home’.

gezellig.jpgTurn your student accommodation into the greatest gathering spot

Did you know that your student accommodation can also be a really cosy place for a good chat with friends? Add a drink, some candles and some background music and you can turn it into Ghent’s cosiest café. You’ll probably have to clear your guests away when you want to go to bed!

Vrouw looptSport does not need to cost an arm and a leg

Use the university’s sports and leisure facilities, after all, they’re there for you! As a student you get a big discount. Swimming some lengths for a sexy six-pack costs you less than 2 euros in the University Sports centre GUSB, and the same applies when reserving a badminton or tennis court. A run around the Watersportbaan is completely free and also keeps you in great shape.

Home Konvent: herbruikbare bekersParty animal

You don’t need to be rich to party either. Find out where there are parties in student accommodation or check the calender of the International Konvent (IK). The calendar offers such a wide range of activities that you are bound to find something you fancy. Are you a member of a student society? It’s highly likely that you’ll pay less for a drink and to get in to their parties.

popcorn.jpgMust-see movies

Do you like going to the movies? In addition to the big blockbusters in the cinema, you can also watch some classic or alternative gems at the University film club, Film Plateau. You can count on the quality and will pay far less than in the ‘normal’ cinema.

Kamer in home AstridCheering up or tidying up your student room?

Before you go out and buy new things to cheer up or add cosiness to your student accommodation, ask your friends or family whether they have anything fun lying around. It’s always worth visiting the second-hand shop at Ghent University. An office chair, a table, some files, cleaning equipment... It’s all available and very affordable. Do you have some things of your own that you wish to get rid of and are in good condition? Donate them to the giveaway cupboard in Terminal, the student residence.

Fietser kruist tramsporenOn foot or by bike

Get around on foot or by (second-hand) bike as much as possible. Did you know that students get discounted rates when renting a city bike? This is not only more healthy thanks to the exercise, it’s only completely free. Win-win! Is your bike broken or are you in need of some maintenance? You can find repair stations, bike pumps and bike repair zones dotted around the cit

UGent-sweater Vintage bordeauxOdd jobs via the job service

Still can’t survive on your weekly budget? You can always do some odd jobs via Ghent University’s job service. You decide on your own schedule based on your lesson plan. It’s up to you how many hours per week you work and when. You’ll be expected to help in one of our student restaurants or cafeterias.