The Flemish PhD Cup wants you

(02-05-2023) Recently obtained your PhD? Accept the challenge and explain the core of your research... in just three minutes!

Did you obtain your PhD degree in the past two years? Then the Flemish PhD Cup challenges you to convey to the general public the insights of the doctoral research you have been working on for years! Not through an academic lecture but told as a compelling and comprehensible story for non-peers. After an intense mediatraining, you will face the ultimate test: can you explain the core of your PhD in just… three minutes?

Why participate in the Flemish PhD Cup?

  1. Unique free training: all 16 selected participants embark on a 4-day writing, presentation and media training, with a.o. 2 days at the public broadcaster VRT. The programme involves ‘Presenting with impact'; by The Floor is Yours, “Writing for non-peers” by  FishGrowFeet , camera- and interview training by top VRT-journalists, etc.
  2. Visibility for your research: media partners Radio 1 and EOS cover the competition and write about the participating researchers. We will also record videos on the research of the 8 finalists. The finale on the 19th of October will be livestreamed.
  3. The award: the winner gets a €5.000 voucher for the Vlerick Business School, is invited to give a video-lecture at the “Universiteit van Vlaanderen” and gets the opportunity to publish a book with Academia

The audience also gets to pick a winner. The research of the audience winner will be covered in Eos Magazine and the winner will also be invited to give a lecture at “Universiteit van Vlaanderen”.

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Competition is only open for researchers who master the Dutch language

Registration until 7 July 2023


The PhD Cup is an initiative of SciMingo in collaboration with FWO, Vlerick Business School, National Lottery, Ernest Solvay Fund, Janssen, ILVO, Imec, VIB, VITO, EOS Magazine, Radio 1, The Young Academy, Academia Press, The Floor is Yours, Fishgrowfeet, Universiteit van Vlaanderen and the Flemish Government